Fun maker, ice breaker! 

The Wedding Game brings something completely new to the table - literally - and it's a great way to get your wedding reception off to a cracking start.

Every guest takes a card from a pack in the middle of each table. Each card in the pack has a question about the couple and the guests have to guess the right answer. Three possible answers are offered up, but only one is right. The correct answer is highlighted in red and has a balloon tied to it. The questions and 'spoof' answers can be as silly or as sensible as you like - we think silly is best!

Each table pack is the same, unless you can think of lots of questions! A great ice breaker and a good laugh to get everyone in the mood. And guests can keep their cards as a wedding favour. Why not offer a fun prize for each table winner? An extra glass of bubbly perhaps.

All you need to do is come up with a set of questions with the right and two wrong answers, plus a nice head shot each of bride and groom. You could have a mixture so that some questions are about the bride, some about the groom, and some about the couple. If there are eight guests per table, then you'd need to think of eight questions. Or you can order a bigger set with up to 12 questions. If you want bigger packs, get in touch.

The high quality cards are gloss laminated, 10.5cm x 14.7cm and each set is presented in a bespoke envelope with the design on the front, sealed with a gold heart. 

There are a number of pack sizes to choose from: 8 packs with 8 question & answer cards are £199; 8 packs with 10 question & answer cards are £209; 8 packs with 12 question & answer cards are £219; 10 packs with 10 question & answer cards are £219; 12 packs with 12 questions are £239. P&P is included for UK customers; add £10 for overseas. Get in touch if you need different size packs.

The cards - which are professionally printed in Plymouth, UK, are personal and bespoke, but we'll do our best to add any further personal element where we can. 

Take a look at the example on this page and here of the front and back of a card. Then have some fun coming up with your own questions and answers and send them to us using the Golden Q link below, together with your photos and the date of your wedding. 


8 packs of 8 personalised cards, UK delivery: £199. Overseas: £209.

8 packs of 10 personalised cards, UK delivery: £209. Overseas: £219.

8 packs of 12 personalised cards, UK delivery: £219. Overseas: £229.

10 packs of 10 personalised cards, UK delivery: £219. Overseas: £229 

12 packs of 12 personalised cards, UK delivery: £239. Overseas: £249.

For larger quantities and bigger packs, drop us a line or give us a call.

When sending your information, be sure to include your delivery address and a contact phone number. 

Once we have your order, we'll email you an invoice. 

 Allow 14 days after payment for UK delivery.